Student Employment – Legal Studies

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Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies

Program Assistant

Salary: $8.00

Job Description: Assist with preparation for and implementation of training events. This will include such tasks as mailing materials or preparing them to be handed out at the sessions.  Student may assist with the training at some sessions.  Will assist in keying data into various databases as well as extacting it. Assist with research projects by identifying, reading and summarizing articles and books related to the ILLAPS research projects.  Assist with proper filing and storage of books, articles, and other materials.  Prepare statistical analyses. Write reports and prepare materials that can be incorporated into reports.  Answer the units main phone and respond to e-mails.   Assist with enhancement of the unit’s webpage as asssigned. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Ability to work independently; possess good oral/written communication skills; typing/keyboard skills; computer competence strongly preferred. Should be familiar with MS Excel and Word programs.   Must be dependable. Positive attitude and ability to work well with others.

Research Assistant 1

Salary: $8.00

Job Description:  Conduct library and online research.  Find articles, cases and websites related to tort law and tort reforms.  Assist in website development. Work is for Dr. Jason Pierceson.

Qualifications:  Law-related research experience or coursework. Experience developing and editing websites.

Research Assistant 2

Salary:  $8.00

Job Description:  Transcription of material from oral interviews, some library research, and possibly data summary and/or analysis.

Qualifications:  Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as the ability to work independently.  Good computer literacy, word processing skills, and aptitude to learn new computer programs.  Strong attention to detail and above average organizational skills.  Work is for Dr. Brecklin.