Student Employment – International Student Services

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Office of International Student Services


Salary: $8.00

10 hrs per week


1)      Answer and screen phone calls for Director and secretary. Must be able to take eligible message and complete phone message form completely.

2)      Greet visitors and direct to correct person

3)      Open mail for unit and distribute daily

4)      Collate orientation packets for new student orientation

5)      Assist with intake of new students

6)      Assist with orientation activities

7)      Collect needed forms for orientation packets from offices campus wide

8)      Must be able to do errands for unit, and be familiar with locations on campus

9)      Occasional copying using copy machine in building

10)  Must be able and willing to help out with some student activities on campus

11)  Must be able to maintain confidentiality of ALL calls and visitors to unit

12)  Serve as liaison between our office and the foreign students on campus

13)  Post flyer/notices on bulletin boards  throughout campus occasionally

14)  Main orderliness of student worker and lounge area, discarding old flyers etc

15)  Enter information into Access database on prospective students

16)  Type envelopes/labels for mailings

17)  Pick up new students from train, bus station or airport


1)      Must have excellent English speaking skills and ability to handle numerous phone calls and visitors simultaneously

2)      Ability to use MS word to type basic documents. Accurate typing

3)      Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

4)      Must be punctual, dependable and able to work the assigned hours – 11 am – 1 pm Monday-Friday. Hours and days are not negotiable. Students failing to report to work on time will be terminated at 3rd offense

5)      Prior clerical/office experience preferred but not required

6)      Sensitivity in the area of cross-cultural awareness and diversity required. Must be able and willing to work with people of various cultures, religions etc.

7)      Must be willing to follow verbal or written instructions from Secretary

8)      Proficiency with Access required. You will be asked to demonstrate proficiency during interview

9)      The secretary supervises this position

10)  Must have a high level of initiative and be able to see ahead and work ahead to meet deadlines

11)  Must be able to work independently, with minimal interruptions to staff