Student Employment – Employer Responsibilities

Employer/Supervisor Responsibilities

Provide the appropriate training and work space for each student employee.

  • Consider student employees as being students first and as part-time employees second.
  • Notify Student Employment if there is a problem with the student that cannot be resolved.
  • Checking Federal Workstudy earnings for your hires in Front End after each pay period. (Click on the FWS tab)
  • Notify Student Employment when a FWS funded student is terminated prior to the termination date.
  • Be certain that timesheets are accurate before signing/approving and that the student does not have access to the timesheet after the supervisor has signed it.
  • Make sure that students complete and submit time-sheets on time.
  • NOT allow students to work until the student has completed the proper paper-work along with NESSIE New Hire and is enrolled in the required number of hours.
  • Performing labor redistributions when necessary.