Graduate Students Conditional Admission

An individual must be fully admitted into an eligible degree program and be enrolled as a regular student in order to receive financial aid funds. A regular student is defined as someone who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate offered by the University of Illinois at Springfield. One exception to this standard at the University of Illinois at Springfield is the status of conditional admission.

Graduate students are occasionally conditionally admitted to the University of Illinois at Springfield in order to allow them to complete specified prerequisite courses and/or due to a low undergraduate GPA before being fully admitted to their program. These students may receive financial aid as long as they meet all other financial aid requirements (e.g., satisfactory academic progress), but they must successfully complete their prerequisite coursework and/or meet all requirements as to be fully admitted as specified by their graduate program within one calendar year of the first semester of attendance as a conditionally admitted student. After that calendar year, they must be fully admitted into the program in order to continue receiving financial assistance. Switching graduate programs does not extend the one year of financial aid eligibility as a conditionally admitted graduate student.

Graduate students obtaining a second graduate degree must be fully admitted to be eligible for financial assistance. The exception mentioned above for conditionally admitted graduate students does not apply to second graduate degree students.