College Programs

CLAS Faculty Development Program

Professional development is key to the career of all faculty members, and as such the CLAS dean’s office is pleased to announce the establishment of a program to support faculty development.

We will now offer a $250 award of professional development money to those faculty members who earn a Provost Certificate, which entails the completion of at least eight faculty development workshops within a two-year timeframe.  This program is open to tenure-track faculty and instructors.

If you have already completed a certificate, you will be eligible for the award immediately upon expansion of the program to include your years-of-service cohort. The professional development award should be used either during the year of certificate completion or the following academic year.

To earn the $250 professional development award, the participating faculty member will need to attend the following:

  • all of the development workshops that are required for all faculty:
    1. “The UIS Academic Integrity Policy”
    2. “Effective Advising in the New UIS Undergraduate Advising Model”
    3. “Overview of the UIS Faculty Personnel Process” and “Developing a Narrative and Portfolio for Personnel Review”**
    4. “Annual Performance Reviews”
  • four additional development workshops.

**As of Fall 2011, these two topics are covered in separate workshops. Both workshops can count toward the eight needed for the certificate and professional development award. Contact the CFE at if you have questions about how this change in workshop structure affects your eligibility for the award.

If you would like to know if you qualify for the Provost Certificate please contact the CFE at