CFE Workshops Overview

CFE Workshop Information

Please make sure to sign in on the attendance sheet and stay for the entire workshop so that we can count your attendance towards faculty certificates (see our FAQ).

Many of our workshops have PowerPoint files or videos of the workshop posted on our new Canvas site for the Center for Faculty Excellence. All faculty (full time, part time, tenure track, non tenure track, instructors) are welcome to join the Canvas.

Current CFE Workshop Schedule

Summer 2021

New Faculty Series: Screencapture and Captioning Video (Kara McElwrath)

June 24 2-3 pm

New Faculty Series: Designing Learning Outcomes (Tena Helton and Yona Stamatis)

July 1 12-1 pm

Open Educational Resources (Layne Morsch and Stephen McMinn)

July 8 2-3 pm

COLRS Harmonize Discussions (Carrie Levin and Emily Boles)

July 6 1-2 pm

July 15 11 am – 12 pm

Cidilabs DesignPLUS for CanvasĀ (Carrie Levin and Emily Boles)

July 8 12-1 pm

August 2, 2-3 pm

Spring 2021

Annual Performance Reviews (Cecilia Cornell)

January 28 3-4 pm

Work-Life Balance Series – January 29

Intentional Wellness: Finding a Balance between Life Roles (Tiffany Nielson)

January 29 10-11 am

Life Beyond Work (Laurel Newman)

January 29 11 am -12 pm – postponed

Integrating Scholarship and Teaching through SoTL Research (Layne Morsch)

January 29 12-1 pm

CBM Faculty Research and Teaching Colloquium (Mohammed Uddin)

January 29, 12-1 pm

Teaching on “Days After” (Tiffani Saunders, Jennifer Martin, and Bethany Bilyeu)

February 4 12-1 pm

Generational Shifts Impacting the University Classroom (Vickie Cook)

February 9 1-2 pm

Online Teaching Discussion (Layne Morsch)

February 10 11 am-12 pm

February 22 1-2 pm

Bringing International Partners to Your Classroom (Jonathan GoldbergBelle)

February 12 12-1 pm

Integrating Social Justice in Your Courses (Ty Dooley and Sean McCandless)

February 18 1-2 pm (time change – this was originally 12-1 pm)

Engaging Students Remotely (Jennifer Martin, Emily Boles, and Kara McElwrath)

February 24 12-1 pm

Workplace Bullying: Creating a Better Work Environment ( Justin Lacy – U of I System)

March 9 1-2 pm

How to Develop a Study Away CourseĀ (Jonathan GoldbergBelle)

March 10 2-3 pm

Experiential Problem-Based Learning: How Could it Fit with My Class

March 30 1-2 pm

Authentic Assessment (Ray Schroeder and Meghan Kessler)

April 1 1-2 pm

Trauma-Informed Student Services (Dr. Temekia Scott)

April 13 1pm

Zoom Fatigue: What We Have Learned (Ray Schroeder)

April 14 1 pm

Greening UIS: Strategies for Incorporating Sustainability in Your Teaching and Service (Megan Styles, Dathan Powell, Anne-Marie Hansen)

April 20 11 am – 12 pm

Software Needs for Teaching and Research

May 5 11 am – 12 pm

May 5 5 pm – 6 pm

Fall 2020

Remote Teaching and Building Student Community Discussion Forum

September 8 12-1 pm

September 25 1-2 pm

October 6 12-1 pm

October 22 1-2 pm

Overview of the Faculty Personnel Process

September 23

Equity, Racism, and Inclusion: A Starting Conversation

September 24

How to Develop a Research Agenda

September 25

Overview of Advising at UIS

October 7 12-1 pm

RNUA and COCI Training

October 2 9-10 am

October 9 9-10 am

October 30 9-10 am

Digital Accessibility: Videos

October 13 10-11 am

The Hunt is On! Funding Your Research

October 16 9-10 am

Digital Accessibility: PowerPoint

October 20 10-11 am

Developing a Narrative and Portfolio for Personnel Review

October 21 1-2 pm

Journey to a Competitive Grant Proposal and Budget

October 23 9-10 am

Assurance of Learning Day 1

October 23 1-3:30 pm

Assurance of Learning Day 2

October 30 1-3:30 pm

The Caryl Moy Endowed Fund and Illinois Innovation Network: Work Session

November 6 9-10 am

Using the Academic Integrity Policy

November 10 1-2 pm

Competitive Scholarly Research Grant: Work Session

November 13 9-10 am

Green Zone: Military-Friendly Campus Training

November 17 3-4 pm

Canvas Gradebook Overview

November 18 1-2 pm

How to be More Anti-Racist: Teaching Strategies

November 19 12-1 pm

Don’t Panic! Planning Ahead to Meet Grant Deadlines

November 20 9-10 am

Canvas Course Design for Instructors

December 1 6-7 pm

December 8 12-1 pm

What I’m Learning About Self and Others

December 4 1-2 pm

Alternative Assessments and You

December 4 2-3 pm

START myProposals Training

December 4 9-10 am

UIS Faculty Celebration

December 10 1-2 pm

An Overview of the Post-Award Process

December 11 TBA

Examples of Past Workshops