1. What are the benefits of attending CFE workshops?
• Meet and discuss CFE topics with colleagues;
• Learn more about teaching, advising, research, and personnel policy at UIS;
• Some workshops count towards the Provost Certificate;
• Some workshops count toward college CFE programs.

2. Who can come to faculty development workshops?
All current full-time, part-time, and online faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

3. When and where are most of the CFE workshops scheduled?
Since most faculty have open times from 12-1 pm, we schedule many of the workshops on weekdays during this hour. We do our best to coordinate our workshops around Campus Senate, college-wide meetings, and other university events.

Most of the faculty development workshops are scheduled in the PAC conference rooms. If those rooms are not available, we use classrooms. Normally this is true, but with the COVID pandemic all 2020-21 workshops are being scheduled over Zoom.

4. Can faculty and staff propose CFE workshops?
Yes, faculty and staff can complete the workshop proposal form by completing the following form: Workshop Proposal Form. Faculty and staff can also provide feedback on our online evaluation surveys.

5. What if I can’t attend a workshop? Can I still receive the information covered?
Yes, please notify us via email or phone so that we can give you any materials the instructor has permitted or record the session if possible. Many of these workshops have PowerPoint files or videos of the workshop posted on our new Canvas site for the Center for Faculty Excellence.

6. I can come to part of a workshop, but not the whole session. Can my attendance still be counted towards college programs or the Provost Certificate?
You must attend the entire workshop AND sign in on the attendance sheet to have your attendance counted for awards and certificates.

7. What other resources/services does the office offer other than workshops?
Our website provides many resources and campus links so that faculty can find additional information about CFE-related topics. We also have resources at Brookens library to assist faculty in finding information helpful to them.

8. Who guides the CFE activities/initiatives?
All faculty can incorporate input about CFE activities/initiatives. Please direct your input to the Faculty Advisory Board or the Faculty Associate – Layne Morsch.