Women’s Volleyball

Faculty Member: Carrie Switzer, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychology

Carrie SwitzerOne of the primary reasons that I chose to be a faculty partner is because it is so inspiring. I am very impressed with the amount of time and hard work that it takes to be a volleyball player. The early morning weight training, grueling afternoon practices, travel time to away games, and extensive game schedule, are coupled with a strong commitment to high academic standards. Coach Salinas is building a program that is based not only on continual skill improvement, but team unity and personal pride that are the foundation for a successful life after college. Another reason that I enjoy being a faculty partner is that the coaches and players are just plain fun to be around because they sincerely like each other and are having a great time playing a sport they all love.

Coach: Trey Salinas, Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball

TSalinasThe faculty partner program is an essential part of the student athlete experience. The opportunity for our athletes to have dedicated time and support from Carrie Switzer, PhD, continues to positively impact our program. This union between academics and athletics helps to bridge the gap and encourage a development of character, give intellectual penetration, and instill lifelong leadership qualities. Carrie has been a passionate, caring, and supportive anchor for our program and we look forward to spending time with her every year!