Women’s Softball

Faculty member: Michele Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychology

MMillerAs a professor one of my main goals is to help create an atmosphere where all students feel supported and well integrated into the campus community. The student athlete is one identity of many among a diverse student body. In getting to know the needs, wants, and concerns of student athletes through personal interaction I aim to become an advocate and a source of support for them both in the classroom and on the field. Additionally, my family and I love softball and enjoy watching high-quality game play and cheering on the team!

 Coach: Shannon Guthrie, Head Coach, Softball

SNicholsonMichele Miller is not only our faculty partner, but she has stepped in and been like another member of our team.  She has great personal values, goals, and a great amount of knowledge that she passes along to our team.  I’m excited to see how we help each other grow through the partnership.  She helps support our team, gets other faculty involved with softball, and has helped meet with recruits to talk about the educational environment at UIS.  We are going to partner with her on community service events, and learn more about the psychology department at UIS.  I’m excited to see the partnership work in action this year and to help build relationships between athletics and faculty on campus.