Women’s Basketball

Faculty member: Pattie Piotrowski, MLS, MBA, Dean, Library Instructional Services

As someone fairly new to the UIS community, I was looking for a way to enjoy campus life and activities, and I attended a women’s basketball game. Watching strong young women engage in leadership, teamwork, and service hooked me and I returned to watch more games. Knowing how difficult it is to be a scholar-athlete, I am happy to participate as a Faculty Partner and to encourage, support, and connect with the team and coaches. I look forward to this partnership growing and strengthening the interaction between athletics, myself, and Brookens Library.


Coach:  Casey Thousand, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Pattie is a huge supporter of the women’s basketball team. She is always in the stands at home games cheering us on.  Pattie posts tweets about our program and individual success on our team.  She takes the time to send emails of encouragement about upcoming games.  Pattie is also willing to meet with any of our potential recruits and share why UIS is such a special place.  It is great to have another support system on campus for our program. We are very lucky to have Pattie in our program.