Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Faculty: David Bertaina, PhD, Associate Professor, History

The UIS faculty partner program encouraged me to interact with Coach Sam Schall and the men’s and women’s tennis team in a non-academic setting. As the faculty partner for the teams, my role is to connect with the players and coaches, appreciate their school-tennis life balance, and cheer on the team and coaches at practices, during travel, and at games. I’m also excited to be an advisor for student-athletes regarding their career goals beyond the classroom.


Coach: Raul Quevedo, Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Dr. David Bertaina is a huge supporter of athletics in general and tennis in particular. David is there for every home game, occasional practice, home-cooked meal​, and general support. However, our players and I have relied on him as a faculty partner ​to receive guidance in several areas that go above and beyond his usual role. Thus, we consider him a crucial part of our program. His interest in our sport is so big that he has taken up tennis himself! Thank you, David.