A faculty/team pairing requires a commitment from the faculty member and the coach to the following:

  1. Meeting one on one to develop common expectations of each other. An essential part of this initial meeting is a conversation regarding how often the two will talk and who initiates these conversations. Regular communication is essential for success. In addition, the coach and partner should review the suggested activities and decide which they will do (see Participation section).
  2. Coach inviting the partner to a practice at which coach introduces partner and what the partner’s role on the team is.
  3. Partner attending as many home contests as possible.
  4. Coach attending one of the partner’s classes at any time during the year.

Faculty should not:

  • Offer athletics advice to the coach – faculty partners are not assistant coaches.
  • Contact other faculty members regarding issues or problems with student-athletes – such issues should be brought to the attention of the FAR.
  • Provide extra benefits not permitted under NCAA legislation to student-athletes.

 Coaches should not:  

  • Ask your faculty partner to intervene with another faculty or staff member on behalf of a student-athlete.
  • Expect your faculty partner to take the place of the student-athlete’s academic adviser.
  • Air grievances directed at other faculty/staff to your faculty partner.