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About the Illinois Springfield Web Site

The Office of Web Services oversees the primary UIS Web site, including the campus home page and top-level pages of the site, and assists official campus units in creation and maintenance of their websites.

Our homepage allows us to showcase faculty and students in their teaching-learning environments, share important news stories and updates, and showcase our faculty and students who have embraced a leadership role in their respective areas. Read more about our homepage.

The UIS Website on different devices

All UIS units and departments have someone who is designated as a content creator or editor or publisher. To have great content, you need a great content creator. In the UIS structure, Web Services is not responsible for content. The local units are, and their content creators are critical.

Responsibility for elements of the home page:

  • The visual narrative [large photograph]: The Office of Web Services works with a team of marketing and recruitment-oriented departments to assist with the selection of the featured photographs.
  • Latest News and Featured VideosDerek Schnapp (, Office of Campus Relations, oversees the news and events headlines. Campus Relations is also responsible for the Newsroom. Two videos produced by Blake Wood ( in the Office of Campus Relations are featured.
  • Calendar: Content for the University Calendar includes events entered by various departments and offices across campus that are directed towards a campus-wide and public audience.
  • Leadership lived: It’s our declaration to the world about who we are. It’s our reputation, a promise built on core strengths we can demonstrate. Derek Schnapp ( and Blake Wood ( in the Office of Campus Relations write and oversee Leadership lived stories.
  • The UIS 1000: A growing list of a thousand ways that UIS is connected to the community.

The Web Servers

Information Technology Services maintains all of the server hardware and software that host the UIS Website. If you have trouble connecting to the UIS Website, please contact ITS Technical Support at or 217/206-6000.

Campus Email and other technical concerns

ITS Technical Support maintains campus email and office computers. Employees and students, if you have trouble with email or any other technical issue, please call or send email to Tech Support at or 217/206-6000.