Safety Overview

UIS is firmly committed to maintaining a safe work environment and to comply with the environmental health and safety regulations triggered by campus activities. Facilities and Services provide assistance in identifying regulatory requirements, developing compliance programs and addressing compliance issues.


Environmental Health and Safety Information

UIS is committed to providing a safe work environment and to complying with environmental and safety regulations. Environmental Health and Safety is a partner in a collaborative effort to ensure unified Environmental Health and Safety compliance management programs for the campus. Issues addressed by Environmental Health and Safety include:

  • Hazard Communication (Right to Know)
  • Regulatory and Technical Assistance
  • Spill and Emergency Procedures
  • Waste Management
  • Written Emergency Action Plan
  • Phone Number 217-206-8062


Hazard Communication (Right to Know)

A program has been created to provide information about the health and safety hazards of materials used on campus. The program includes training, container labeling and provision of Material Safety Data Sheets.

  • For information about chemicals used in the Science Division phone 217-206-8341.
  • For all other materials phone 217-206-8062.


Regulatory and Technical Assistance

General questions and requests for assistance should be directed to Environmental Health and Safety.


Spill and Emergency Response

The UIS Police have responsibility for the overall campus Emergency Response Plan. Incidental spill response is a function of various campus units.

  • UIS Police Emergency 217-206-7777
  • UIS Police non-emergency 217-206-6690
  • Spill Response and Cleanup 217-206-8062


Waste Management

A material becomes a waste when it is discarded or can no longer be used for its original intended purpose. Waste management and disposal requirements vary depending on the waste stream. Information for various waste streams follows.

Chemical Waste

Chemical waste includes waste generated in science labs, waste cleaning products, waste liquids, waste solids and paint waste.

  • For chemical waste generated by the Science Division phone 217-206-8341.
  • For chemical waste generated by other campus activities, including paint waste phone 6-8062.

Medical Waste

Medical waste and other waste contaminated with blood must be placed in red bags. Sharps containers must be used for medical waste that presents the potential for cuts or punctures. There are specific requirements for management of medical waste.

  • Questions about medical waste phone 217-206-8062.


UIS recycles several waste streams, including paper, plastic, aluminum and lead acid batteries.

  • Questions about recycling or recycling container issues phone 217-206-6379.

Solid Waste

This term is used to describe regular trash and garbage that is disposed on a landfill.

  • For information about solid waste disposal, including schedules for garbage/trash dumpster removal phone 217-206-6531.

Written Emergency Action Plan

The Emergency Action Plan is available in written form.

  • To obtain a copy phone 217-206-8062.