Grounds Overview

The Grounds Maintenance department is responsible for the upkeep of UIS gardens, lands, fields, roadways, and sidewalks. Any grounds problems should be reported to the Superintendent (217-206-7202) or the office of Facilities and Services (217-206-6530).


Grounds Pictures

The beautiful flowers and trees seen around campus are planted and maintained by the Grounds Maintenance Department. Three hundred and seventy of the 746 campus acres are cared for by the UIS Grounds department; the remainder is primarily used as leased farm land.

The Grounds department is responsible for maintenance of all turf, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks. They maintain Kiwanis Stadium as well as three UIS practice soccer fields and 12 youth soccer fields for the YMCA.

Other responsibilities include snow removal, setting up outside events, setting picnic tables, care of indoor campus plants, and installing sign posts. The grounds crew consists of a superintendent, tree surgeon, mechanic, asst. grounds gardener and eight full-time grounds workers.