(updated June 18, 2019)


The UIS PAC Conference Center is available for use by University departments/organizations; registered student organizations, sororities, fraternities; and outside renters.  Rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis and assigned based on: the type of event, the anticipated number of guests, attendees, availability of rooms, and staffing. It is at Conference Services discretion what space is assigned based on the best usage of space.  Priorities for reservations, in order, are: scheduled instruction (if classroom space is not available and/or will not work for a class session), UIS event, Funded event, Rental event.

The following policies are to be followed by those who schedule and use the UIS Conference Center:

  • To request a room in the Conference Center:
    • University departments and non-student organizations are to contact the Conference Center directly.
    • Registered Student Organization and/or sororities/fraternities must request space electronically through UIS Connections. Questions regarding requests for space should be directed to Student Life.  Please do not contact the Conference Center unless there are issues the day of the event.  Students are to contact Student Life staff directly for any event issues that occur during events that are after office hours or on the weekends.
  • To ensure the University can accommodate space requests, students space requests are to be made through UIS Connections a minimum of two weeks prior to the event, beginning no sooner than the Monday before finals week of the prior semester. Requests must include, but are not limited to:
    • A detailed description and theme of the event.
    • The requested room setup. Note:  Requests to change the room or equipment setup made less than seven (7) days prior to the event may not be able to be accommodated.
    • Accurate number and who (e.g. students, outside attendees) will be in attendance. Note:  Attendance of the room cannot exceed the established capacity of the room.  Attendance for events in Brookens Auditorium are limited to the number of fixed seats in the auditorium.  Standing or sitting in the auditorium aisles is prohibited.
    • Students requests through UIS Connections may include up to eight (8) weekly occurrences of the same event. If additional dates are needed, please submit another request no sooner than four (4) weeks after the first event.
    • Stage requests require advance notice of three (3) weeks prior to event and must include specific instructions regarding direction and placement. Note:  due to safety concerns, stage and room setups may need to be modified by Conference Services.  Event participants are prohibited from moving or modifying a stage. Violations will result in stage denial for group’s next event.
  • To ensure fair and equitable access to Conference Center space, students may only request:
    • Two (2) events per week lasting no longer than four (4) hours each
    • Two (2) special events per semester. Note: Special events can include multiple rooms, dates, and/or longer hours
    • Table usage in the PAC and Brookens Concourse and the UHB 1st and 2nd floor lobby/lounge areas are limited to two (2) days in one week.
    • Only one (1) bake sale is allowed at a time in a building/area.
    • Space for weekly events during the semester, excluding final exam week. Weekly events cannot be scheduled during breaks.  No weekend summer events can be scheduled in the Conference Center due to lack of BSW coverage to unlock and lock rooms and trouble shoot.
  • Amplified sound is not allowed in the areas outside of the Follett Bookstore, the UHB 1st and 2nd floor lobby/lounge areas, or in any of the PAC or BRK concourses. Amplified sound planned for an event in a Conference Center room must be included with the original request.  Based on the other events in the Conference Center, amplified sound may or may not be allowed.  Limited amplified sound, if any, is allowed for outdoor events if it does not interfere with administrative offices or academic classes.
  • All food and beverages for events in the Conference Center must be provided by UIS Food Services, unless UIS Food Service is unable to provide the needed food and services and a waiver is obtained from UIS Food Services. Requests to use others (e.g. outside caterer) must be approved through Conference Services.  Of note:  Conference Services has several preferred caterers under University contract.  These caterers are listed on Facilities Scheduling & Services website.
  • Groups are expected to follow the itinerary scheduled for events. Other groups may be using the facilities prior to or following your scheduled activity.  Requests for event time changes must be approved by Conference Services in advance of the event.
  • As a courtesy to others, room/reservation cancellations are required, preferably two working days in advance, to prevent unnecessary labor to setup for an event. Two “no shows” in a semester will result in a group losing Conference Center, classroom and open meeting space room usage rights for four (4) weeks.
  • If a Registered Student Organization, Sorority/Fraternity, university group or outside organization schedules a room, that organization and its officers shall be held financially responsible for:
    • Any damage to University property as a result of maliciousness and/or negligence on the part of any attendee and/or participant to include non-registered groups or non-University people
    • Extraordinary clean-up charges, as determined by Conference Services
    • The following is prohibited in all University space:
      • Taping on the floor, screens, boards or walls
      • Use of confetti and/or glitter
      • The burning of candles or other flammable items. Sternos for food warming are allowed.
    • The University is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property, merchandise, articles, group displays, equipment, decorations or other property left in the space preceding, during or following any event. All decorations and/or displays are to be removed immediately following an event or as previously arranged with Conference Services.  Note:  Conference Services does not store any items prior to, during, or after events and items may be discarded or donated if left behind.
    • Conference Services staff has the right to refuse and/or excuse any group that is, unruly, loud and/or disruptive to the rest of the Conference Center and/or becomes confrontational or harasses University employees or other Conference Center attendees.
    • The scheduling organization and/or its officers shall maintain and ensure compliance with all applicable University, local, and state fire, health, zoning, and safety codes on grounds and facilities.
    • Failure to comply with any of the expectations expressed in this document may result in the loss of privileges of using the Conference Center. The length of suspension shall by determined by the totality of the circumstances involved, including prior issues where an organization failed to abide by the expectations mentioned herein.

Fees for Events Coordinated by Conference Services

Fees for services required for events in the Conference Center will be incurred depending upon the nature of the event, identity of sponsoring groups, and make up of attendees.

  • Registered student organizations, sororities, fraternities and University departments/organizations:
    • Are generally not charged for meetings or events that involve only UIS students, faculty and staff unless any one or more of the following conditions are met:
      • where any admission, registration or participant fees (including donations) are charged
      • event includes off-campus participants
      • the activity receives grant funding
      • are scheduled by non-campus entities
      • requires overtime to provide services for event
  • Non-university individuals/organizations and University auxiliaries will be charged a fee for all events scheduled in the Conference Center or other UIS locations.  The fees charged are to recover labor expenses, not for room rental.

Standards for Denial of Event Request:

  • The event or activity would create a disruption of normal University operations, residential buildings, special events and/or academic classes/classrooms.
  • The event would require the diversion of an excessive number of University employees and allowing the event would unreasonably deny services to the remainder of the University.
  • The application is found to contain false information or the applicant has failed or refused to provide necessary information as requested by the University.
  • The applicant fails or refuses to comply with all the terms and conditions of the “Requesting and Utilizing the UIS Conference Center” guidelines.
  • The event would violate existing University policy.