F S and S Guide to Moving

Facility Scheduling and Services (FS&S)

Guide to Moving

updated November 12, 2019



Facilities Scheduling and Services BSW Crew

The FS&S BSW Crew’s main responsibility is moving of university office furniture on the UIS main campus. To have office furniture moved within your suite or to your storage area, you will need to submit a School Dude Work Order. However, if the move requires university owned equipment to be moved to another location, a Fabweb transaction will have to be completed first. Each unit has an individual that serves as the Property Accounting Contact. This contact person must help with any Fabweb paperwork.

To have the BSW crew take away your department’s university property (disposal, recycle, transfer to another unit, sent to surplus) you will need to have approval from property accounting by submitting a Fabweb disposal request. Please make arrangements to have surplus removed prior to office relocations. When University Property Accounting and Reporting approves your disposal you must forward the approval and spreadsheet of assets to Jason Gibson, jgibs4@uis.edu. Jason will contact you to schedule the move.

Office Moves-General Information

  • The BSW Crew is available for moves on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice.
  • Moves are scheduled based on availability and work schedule of BSW staff.
  • The coordinator, or a knowledgeable representative, must be present at the time and location of the move drop off and pick up.
  • Data to include when submitting a School dude work order to the movers:
    • Reason for move
    • Make sure to include all items being moved (i.e. 20 boxes, 3 desks, 3 chairs…) so movers can allocate enough time for your move.
    • Specify if a desk or other items will need dismantled by a carpenter (L-shaped and U-shaped desks will not fit out doorways, modular units will also need dismantled.) You will need to submit a separate School Dude Work Oder request for any carpentry work (charges for this are billed by Facilities and Services dept. not by FS&S).
  • Upon receipt of a School Dude work order or Fabweb documentation, FS&S will call and schedule a date and time that is convenient to both parties for the move.
  • Have everything ready prior to mover arrival or they may have to reschedule
    • boxes packed and labeled,
      • For safety, any boxes that are deemed overloaded will not be moved.
      • Boxes should also be properly assembled and taped to ensure bottoms do not inadvertently open and tops are flat for stacking on carts.
    • lateral file cabinets completely emptied,
    • vertical file cabinets somewhat emptied if overloaded, starting at top drawer
      • For safety, nothing should be in the upper.
    • bookcases emptied,
    • desks cleared and emptied,
    • storage cabinets emptied,
    • electronics disconnected-contact ITS for assistance in advance of the move, so they have enough time to schedule their staff for your move time. Label all equipment.
  • Repetitive move requests may incur charges.
    • If charges are to be assessed, they will be charged at the current rate and a CFOP must be provided prior to the move beginning.
  • Due to risk of personal injury and to comply with union contract, personnel being moved are asked not to move any boxed or unboxed items on their own. Personnel are also advised to keep a safe distance from movers who are moving equipment.

Temporary Moves for Remodeling

  • Plan to have storage place for valuables. FS&S does not have excess storage space available for valuables.
  • Furniture is typically temporarily stored in nearby halls and corridors.
  • Draw furniture layout and tape it to the door so movers can move furniture back. If multiple individuals share an office, label each desk with the appropriate individual’s name.
  • Boxes must be closed and sealed.
  • Boxes must be marked with room # and employee name.
  • Lateral file cabinets must be completely emptied.
  • Bookcases and storage cabinets must be completely emptied.
  • Desks must be emptied.
  • Refrigerators must be emptied.
  • The FS&S BSW Crew does not supply boxes. Flat carts can be provided if inventory is available, request should be made in advance.

Additional Important information

  • Prior to billable moves, a CFOP is required. Estimates are available upon request once detailed move information is provided. Charges are based on current labor rates including required shift differential mandated by union contract.
  • The FS&S BSW Crew can only move unopened chemicals in original packaging from manufacturer.
  • Gas cylinders need to be removed by vendors.
  • Movers do not move vending machines.
  • Glass items need to be well packed and clearly marked FRAGILE GLASS on boxes.
  • The moving of particle board furniture is not recommended as this type of furniture does not move well and tends to fall apart.
  • For safety of the FS&S BSW Crew, items over 75 lbs. or large items with awkward shape and/or weight distribution, may not be movable by FS&S. We may not have the correct equipment or staffing for such moves to be completed safely. Contact Jason Gibson to discuss movability of such items before requesting the move. FS&S reserves the right to deny a move request for safety reasons.


Insurance/Waiver statement

FS&S offers moving services to the UIS community without charge, unless we are moving departmental inventory for an event, moves that are done repeatedly or involve extraordinary items/concerns, project moves, or moves that require overtime. The moving crew is very careful with everything that is moved and take pride in the quality of their work.  In order to provide this service at no cost, we do not provide insurance to cover accidental damage. This type of coverage would require a physical assessment of each item to be moved for condition, scratches, blemishes, and so forth, and we would have to retain condition records for each assessment. This would be time-consuming and costly and we would have to start charging for all the moves. Therefore, FS&S will not be financially responsible for any accidental damage or loss either to the building, furniture, or equipment being moved. If you have an item that is particularly important or valuable, please contact our office and we will help evaluate other options for your move.