Exercise Science Physical Therapy Track

This track provides additional courses that help fulfill the requirements of most graduate level allied health programs, such as physical and occupational therapy, physician assistant programs, and other graduate programs such as the Master of Public Health and Athletic Training. The flexibility of this major makes it easy for students to meet their needs and interests for graduate work, while also learning the essentials of Exercise Science.

Required Core Courses
EXR 201 Introduction to Exercise Science 3
EXR 212 Medical Terminology 3
EXR 233 Personal Health and Wellness 3
EXR 301 Motor Learning 3
EXR 302 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3
EXR 325 Evidence-Based Research Concepts 3
EXR 329 Kinesiology and Biomechanics 3
EXR 331 Physiology of Exercise and Sport 4
EXR 352 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3
EXR 483 Seminar in Exercise Science 3
MLS 225 Nutrition 3
Required Courses; Physical Therapy Track 1 22-32
Psychology – Life span and Abnormal (8 hours)
EXR Electives/Science (14 hours)
PA: Biochemistry; Microbiology w/Lab (7 hours) 2
PT: General Sciences w/Lab (BIO, CHE and ASP) (24 hours) 2
Other Required Courses (Speaker Series, General Education, Prerequisites, ECCE Requirements) 2
BIO 201
BIO 202
Basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CHE 141 General Chemistry I 4
COM 112 Oral Communication 3
ENG 101 Rhetoric and College Writing 3
ENG 102 College Writing and Civic Engagement 3
MAT 115 Calculus I 4
MAT 121 Applied Statistics 3
PSY 201 Principles Of Psychology 3
SOA 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Freshman Seminar (Humanities or Social Science) 3
Comparative Societies (Humanities or Social Science) 3
Humanities 3
Visual/Creative/Performing Arts (Humanities) 3
ECCE (Speaker Series, Global Awareness, US Communities, Engagement Experience Electives) 10
Electives 12
Total Hours 124-134