Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Handbook is a must-have for all of our master’s students. It outlines all requirements and will be a primary source of information.

View an Online Proposal Defense

The online proposal defense by Steven Hanson, a ENS graduate, was completed in 2009. The Information Technology Services at UIS helped capture the remote defense.

By making Steve’s proposal presentation available, you can gain a better idea on what a proposal presentation/defense looks like in terms of procedures and format, particularly for our online students. If you are an on-campus student, the defense format and procedures are applicable to you as well, except that you likely will have a live audience in the room along with your committee members. Steve Hanson’s committee was composed of Dr. Tih-Fen Ting, Committee Chair; Dr. Dennis Ruez, Department Representative; and Dr. Marc Klingshirn, Dean’s Representative.

It appears that the link does not work on Firefox, but works well on Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Records and Registration Forms Link

Follow this link to the Office of Records and Registration Forms, including student petition, graduation contracts, and change of curriculum forms.

Career Guidance

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