Undergraduate Overview

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies
Undergraduate Minor in Environmental Studies
Master of Arts – Environmental Studies (offered on campus and online)
Master of Science – Environmental Sciences
Graduate Certificate

Email: ens@uis.edu
Office Phone: (217) 206-6720
Office Location: PAC 309

Departmental Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Department of Environmental Studies is to enhance society’s ability to create an environmentally-acceptable future. The undergraduate curriculum is designed for students to gain an understanding of approaches to balancing social and economic needs with environmental realities. Students will acquire knowledge and skills based on three broad learning outcomes:

  1. competency in scientific concepts when studying the environment;
  2. capacity to critically examine environmental issues and apply contributions from the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities for understanding and resolution of environmental issues and concerns; and
  3. ability to demonstrate and integrate knowledge of natural resource policy, regulations, and the current issues in natural resource management.


Students are expected to meet with an ENS advisor before beginning the major or minor. At that meeting, the student and advisor will prepare a course plan to ensure that all requirements will be met.

For students pursuing the B. A. in Environmental Studies, ENS 251 and ENS 271 should be taken as early as possible because these courses establish a foundation on which subsequent courses will build. ENS 451 must be taken during one of a student’s last two semesters, and can only be taken after successful completion of ENS 251, ENS 271, and at least five electives.

Grading Policy

To complete the B. A. degree, students must earn at least a C in each of the four required courses, and a C average (2.0 GPA) in the elective courses.

To complete the minor, students must earn at least a C in both of the two required courses (grades of C- or lower will not be accepted), and a C average (2.0 GPA) in the elective courses.