Sustainable Development and Policy Concentration

This concentration explores theories of sustainable development and policy in order to:

  1. Understand the historical context and critically evaluate the current framework of natural resources and environmental policy
  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the conceptual elements of sustainability
  3. Communicate and evaluate issues in sustainable development policies and practices
  4. Examine how shifts in natural resources and environmental policy might contribute to sustainable development

 Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
ENS 551 Environmental Natural Sciences 4
ENS 552 Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities 4
ENS 553 Research Methods in Environmental Science 4
Concentration Courses
ENS 571 Sustainable Development 4
ENS 581 Environmental Policy and Analysis 4
ENS 587 Natural Resources: Policy and Administration 4
Elective Courses
Select electives in consultation with academic advisor 12
Closure – Choose 1 4
Graduate Project
Capstone Closure
Total Hours 40