Geographic Information Systems

The graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed to provide students with a broad array of geospatial analytical skills which will be applicable to both academic and practice-oriented careers.  The graduate certificate is available to both on-campus and online students. It is not necessary for a student to pursue a degree at UIS to earn the certificate. Degree-seeking students may apply credits required for the certificate to the MS in Environmental Sciences.

Entrance Requirements

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 are required of applicants applying for admission to this certificate. Undergraduate transcripts showing receipt of the baccalaureate degree must be sent to the Office of Admissions. Students not meeting the GPA requirement may still apply, but will need to write a letter to the GIS Admissions Committee justifying their ability to complete graduate-level course work (such as having significant work experience in the area). Candidates for the certificate must complete each required course with a grade of B or better (a grade of B- is not acceptable). Applicants who took an introductory GIS course previously may submit a Student Petition to replace ENS 404.

Required Courses
ENS 404 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 4
ENS 405 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing 1 4
ENS 503 Advanced GIS Applications 4
Total Hours 12