Admissions Requirements

Degree Program Program Type Dept Application Materials and Admission Criteria Prerequisite Course Requirements Department ADM Review Dept Conditional Admits Dept Appeal Process
Environmental Sciences MS and MA On campus & Online *Minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.00

*Completion of a 300-level or higher ecology course with lab, with grade of B or better

*Undergraduate or work background sufficient for advanced course work in environmental studies

*Personal academic statement addressing the most urgent environmental problems facing your community today, how a masters degree will help prepare you to address these problems, the area of environmental specialization that appeals most to you, and a brief description of your academic background and life experiences that contribute to your academic preparation

*Two informative letters of recommendation, less than 1 year old, from professors or employers addressing applicant’s academic ability, work ethic and personal integrity

MS Only: Must have identified a faculty member who agrees to serve as research advisor

*8 credit hours of undergraduate courses in natural sciences

*8 credit hours of undergraduate courses in social sciences

ENS Graduate Admissions Committee Yes No