Curriculum Overview

Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Department of Environmental Studies is to enhanceUIS Prarie society’s ability to create an environmentally sustainable and equitable future. Faculty with diverse backgrounds in the social and natural sciences and in the humanities are committed to developing interdisciplinary approaches to environmental problem solving. The curriculum is designed for students to gain an understanding of ways to evaluate the impact of human activities on the environment and human health, to balance social and economic needs with environmental realities, to learn how to use resources imaginatively for sustained yields, and to become aware of the role of values in issue formulation and policy making. Our curricular objectives include the ability:

  1. to critically analyze environmental issues;
  2. to research environmental problems and their impacts;
  3. to evaluate human interactions with the environment; and
  4. to compare, contrast, evaluate, and implement solutions that facilitate a sustainable environment.

For details about our graduate programs, please read our Graduate Handbook 2017-18 (pdf).