Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

The Geographic Information Systems Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Springfield was established in 2005. Currently, the center supports research and teaching for many academic units in the areas of GIS, remote sensing, 3-D visualization, and spatial statistical analysis and modeling.

The GIS Laboratory offers courses tailored for students at all levels. The lab also serves as a geo-spatial data depository for the central Illinois region. The lab also offers GIS workshops for professionals on and off campus. The major research of the lab includes geospatial data dissemination, land use, conservation, environmental analysis etc.

1. What is Geographic Information System (GIS)?

  • An information technology for Making Maps, Conducting Spatial Analysis, Visualizing the world in 2Ds or 3Ds.

2. Why do you need to learn GIS?

  • People with GIS skills are in high demand across a broad range of professions, in government, business and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

3. The GIS Laboratory at UIS is a perfect place to learn GIS

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Latest GIS and Spatial Analysis Software, 36 Computer Stations, Professional Graphing Units, and more.
  • Courses and Workshops for All: Fundamentals of GIS, Advanced GIS Applications, and Summer GIS Workshops.

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GIS Computer Lab

GIS Computer Lab

Students Working with GIS

Students Working on Projects

GIS Map Project

Student Project (by Anne Hammer and Emily Martin)