Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How do I apply to your Master’s program?

A   Applying to the University and the department are two separate, but interlinked processes. For full details follow this link to the Department Application Requirements page.

Q   Is the Environmental Studies program a STEM designated degree program?

A   Yes! UIS is an accredited Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) school, and both our undergraduate and graduate degrees are federally STEM designated. International students are eligible to apply for the STEM OPT Extension. For more information, please visit the Office of International Student Services. 

Q   What are the guidelines for the personal essay and letters of reference?

A  Guidelines for personal essay and letters of reference

Q   Do you have a Bachelor’s degree program?

A   Yes!  Although most students in our department are at the graduate level, we started a BA in Environmental Studies in Fall 2013, and enrollments are climbing.

Q   Is student housing available on the UIS campus?

A   Yes, There are several dormitory/apartment arrangement on the campus facility. For more information see the UIS Residence Life Website.

Q   Where can I find information about tuition?

A   Tuition, fees, and assessment information can be found on Tuition page. There is no differential tuition for ENS graduate programs and online degree-seeking students only pay a special e-tuition rate, which is significantly lower than the national average, instead of out-of-state tuition.

Q   Are there scholarships available to ENS students?

A   Yes. There are scholarships open to every student on campus, some based on financial need, some based on academic performance, and some with other bases (such as residency or background). There are scholarships only available to ENS undergraduates (Thomas A. Shearer – $3750), only to ENS master’s students (ENS Alumni Award – $700; Luther W. Skelton Endowment for Energy Policy and Research – $400), and some restricted to students in ENS or a couple other departments (Rochester Lion’s Club – $1000; Mary and Nelson Howarth – $1100). The scholarship application deadline is 15 February each year.

Q   Is there financial aid available for UIS students?

A   There are several financial resources available for students. The Office of Financial Assistance offers grant, loan, and scholarship opportunities. There are paid assistantships and internships also available. UIS is proud to offer unique and dynamic opportunities through the the Graduate Public Service Internship Program.

Q   I hear that immunizations are required. Can you fill me in?

A   Yes, to come to UIS you gotta have your shots. To see what, where, when, why…go to the UIS Health Services Web Site. Fully online students are not required to show proof of immunization.

Q   I have concerns about making up my education plan. How do I know what courses are going to be offered in the next few semesters?

A   First and foremost stay in touch with your advisor. You may be unable to register until your advisor approves your plan.

Please visit the two year course rotation for on-campus master’s students and online master’s students to complete your education plan. For a complete list of courses offered for the current term, please visit the UIS Dynamic Course Schedule.