The Alchemist Review

The Department’s Literary Journal

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The Alchemist Review is a 30-year literary tradition at the University of Illinois Springfield, published each April and celebrated annually at STARS. All UIS students and alumni are invited to share their creative writing projects.

Mission Statement

The Alchemist Review is a journal of literary fiction, poetry, and visual arts dedicated to publishing dynamic works by emerging writers and artists in the University of Illinois Springfield community. With an appreciation for print culture, as well as digital technologies and mixed media, The Alchemist Review provides a forum for collaboration and exploration within the ever-evolving world of literary publishing. The journal is edited by undergraduate and graduate students at UIS.

Alchemist Review Staff: Raven Wilson, Jaana Randle, Marjorie Carter, Vika Mujumdar, Kayla Thomas
Alchemist Review Staff

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Work on The Alchemist Review

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