Digital Pedagogy Concentration

Graduate students taking 400-level courses for graduate credit are required to do extra, more intensive work for which they will receive four credit hours total for the course. Students may request by Student Petition form no more than two courses taken at another accredited English graduate program to be counted towards requirements. Students must get pre-approval from the department for a non-UIS concurrent enrollment course to count towards the MA in English.

Core Requirements
ENG 466 Digital Technologies in English Studies 3
ENG 501 Digital Humanities Research 4
ENG 502 Textual Criticism 4
ENG 550 Seminar: Topics in Teaching Writing 4
ENG 551 Teaching Literature 4
ENG 552 Sociolinguistics and English Studies 4
ENG 553 Teaching Practicum 2
ENG 554 Teaching Technologies in English Studies 4
ENG 589 Thesis or Creative Writing Project 4
Choose TWO Courses from the Following List: 6-8
Topics in World Literature II
Topics in American Literature II
Literature and Culture of Early America
American Literature 1820-1865
American Literature Between the Wars
African-American Literature
Major Figures in American Literature Since 1900
Chaucer and His Era
Midwestern Literature
Arthurian Literature
The Shakespeare Project
The British Romantics
Topics in British Literature II
Poetry and Prose of the Victorian Age
Modern British Literature
Contemporary British Literature
Themes in Literature
Major Women Writers
Literature and the Bible
Memoirs Across Cultures
Seminar: Major Figures in British Literature 1700-1900
Seminar: Topics in Literary Study
Graduate Seminar: Literary Period
Seminar: Literary Genres
Total Hours 39-41