The Master’s Degree

The program is not accepting applications for the Master’s in English at this time.

The English Master’s degree is a liberal arts degree in English Studies with a focus on digital research, writing, and dissemination of knowledge. Students will concentrate in one of two areas within the degree: Digital Pedagogy or Digital Publishing.

Entrance Requirements

  • *Formal letter of application that explains interest in the MA program and indicates the intended concentration
  • *CV/Academic Resume (max. 2 pages)
  • *Names and contact information for three references, two of which must be academic references
  • Writing Sample:
  • *If intending to complete the digital publishing concentration, applicants should provide a sample of creative work (approximately 10-15 pages of poetry or prose) AND an analytic writing sample (approximately 10-15 pages that illustrates the ability to develop a sustained argument built from primary and secondary sources)
  • *If intending to complete the digital pedagogy concentration, applicants should provide a sample of analytic writing (approximately 10-15 pages that illustrates the ability to develop a sustained argument built from primary and secondary sources)

Graduate Assistantships: Students are eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships at UIS when admitted into a program. Students interested in an assistantship, which historically defrays some of the cost of tuition and fees and provides a stipend for living expenses, should indicate in the statement of intent their plans to apply for a GA position.


An academic advisor is assigned to assist students in developing appropriate courses of study. All students should consult their academic advisors before enrolling in courses; a plan of study must be completed by the end of the first semester a student is enrolled as a graduate student. Students may choose a different academic advisor at any time.

Grading Policy

Only courses in which students have earned a B- or better are accepted towards the M.A. degree in English

Tutorial (Independent Study) Credits

Graduate students are limited to four tutorial hours. A student may take a tutorial only if a course (s)he needs to graduate is not being offered within a two-year time period from when a full-time student first enrolled in courses. The tutorial credits may be taken online or on-campus. Part-time students may anticipate more difficulty accommodating their schedules.

Master’s Closure

The master’s degree program in English offers graduate students three closure options: the traditional thesis, a critical project, or a creative project. At closure, students must enroll in ENG 589 (one to four hours). This course may be repeated for a maximum of four credit hours. After initial registration in ENG 589, students must maintain enrollment until all four hours of closure credit have been accumulated. If the thesis or project is not completed by the time four hours of ENG 589 are accrued in continuing enrollment, students must register for ENG 590 (zero credit hours, one billable hour) in all subsequent fall and spring semesters until the thesis or project is complete.