Department Points of Pride

The UIS colonnade at night
The UIS colonnade at night

Our department prides itself on our small class sizes, our distinguished faculty dedicated to our students’ education, and the opportunities that we prepare students to seize both at UIS and after graduation.


We prioritize:

  • A personalized education experience for our students through our small class sizes
  • One-on-one communication between students and faculty
  • Opportunities to develop professional skills online and on-campus
  • Thought-provoking discussions in each class
  • Courses covering the full spectrum of a quality English education through their wide variety of genres, literary periods, and disciplines


We are:

  • Undergraduate students pa rticipate in in-class discussion
    Undergraduate students participate in group work

    A fantastic team of faculty, each distinguished in our respective fields

  • Professors who interact with students on a first-name basis in order to offer personalized guidance
  • Professors adept at implementing online resources and utilizing digital tools
  • First and foremost dedicated to the professional and educational growth of our students
  • Constantly assessing our own work as instructors in order to maintain academic excellence

Student Opportunities

Our students: