Visiting the Therkildsen Field Station

We love to have visitors! Whether you are an experienced researcher needing logistic support or simply interested in learning more about the Emiquon Preserve and the TFSE, we want to help you out.


Are you planning a day trip at the TFSE?

  • Is this a research project or course? Send us an email. We’ll confirm availability and work with you to make everything run smoothly. UIS Faculty should be sure to check with us for Travel Support.
  • Are you a School Group, Club, Family, Business, etc. that is curious about Emiquon and the TFSE and would like to learn more? Email us and we’ll see how we can help.
  • Just looking to visit the Emiquon area? These directions will get you there.

Are you planning on overnighting at the TFSE?

  • Only persons involved with research or courses are allowed to stay overnight at the TFSE.
  • Email us so we can confirm availability and discuss logistics.