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The M.A. in Education is designed specifically for teachers who wish to assume leadership roles within and beyond the classroom but who are not interested in obtaining a principal endorsement. It is conducted entirely online and is characterized by lectures, text reading, discussions, and projects, with emphasis on reflection, application, and writing. Courses include studies in teaching, leadership, research, curriculum/instruction, methodology, best practices, school improvement, technology use, and a master’s closure project. M.A. in Education courses meet the requirement for teacher certificate renewal. The master’s degree requires the completion of 40 semester credit hours of course work.


Advising is conducted by the M.A. in Education Coordinator in consultation with the department chair. Initial advising must be completed by the end of the student’s first semester. The M.A. in Education Coordinator assists the student in planning his/her program of studies and is also available to provide career counseling. See for further details.

Grading Policy

A passing grade in an EDL course is considered to be B or above. A failing grade is given for work below that level. A maximum of eight hours of C (2.0) grades is applicable to the degree (grades of C- or lower are not accepted), provided that a minimum GPA of 3.0 is reached at time of graduation and an approved Student Petition form is on file in the Office of Records and Registration.

NOTE: Students also should refer to the campus policy on Grades Acceptable Toward Master’s Degrees section of this catalog.