About the Department

The Department of Educational Leadership has long adapted academic offerings to busy teachers and administrators who wish to further their education. Faculty members know what it is like to work full-time and participate in cohorts and internships themselves. Most importantly, however, faculty have practical experience, having served as building principals, district superintendents, and K-12 classroom teachers.

The EDL program is characterized by an integration of a variety of scholarly and clinical activities oriented toward practical application of intellectual, democratic, and ethical aspects of school and classroom leadership. These include formal courses, clinical experiences, research, and master’s closure activities.

The EDL program serves graduate students seeking one of two distinct degrees:

Both EDL and MTL courses meet the requirement for teacher certificate renewal. Our graduates are found in school leadership positions throughout the United States, as well as in several countries overseas.

Also available is the Post-Master’s Certificate. This certificate is available to current administrators who already hold a master’s degree:

  • Superintendent’s Endorsement-This program is available to those who have earned the Principal endorsement.
  • Chief School Business Official- This program requires a Master’s degree, but does not require a Principal endorsement.

Principal Preparation

The principal preparation program is designed to meet the professional growth and in-service needs of Illinois educators. This program provides a carefully planned set of experiences and competencies needed to serve in elementary and secondary administrative leadership positions. Courses in the program are appropriate for classroom teachers, State Board of Education personnel, central administrative staff, and school board members. A wide selection of courses is available to meet student needs and interest, while fulfilling degree and/or certification requirements.

The curriculum provides an opportunity to obtain the M.A. in educational leadership, as well as fulfill state requirements for the principal endorsement. The master’s degree requires the completion of 36 semester hours of course work, including an internship and capstone experience.