Tyler McKay, B.A. Economics, 2012

“My internship was at a small, international consulting firm which gave me important responsibilities from the first day I started. Tyler with his boss, Brian Su

“My Applied Study Term experience was very unique because it gave me the opportunity to travel and learn how to interact with businessmen in the real world. Professional networking and real work experience were the most important skills I learned during my AST which cannot be learned in the classroom. I was able to sit in on a lot of business meetings and learn from watching.

“My economics major prepared me for my position as I deal with the international capital markets on a daily basis. Due to the banking crisis and recession, commercial real estate developers and business executives are having a difficult time finding capital from banks in the United States. Our company advises developers and executives on how to secure an alternative source of financing for their projects from the Asian market. My economics degree provided me the foundation needed to evaluate the global economy to successfully advise our clients on how to secure financing from international capital markets.”