John Phillips

John PhillipsJohn Phillips graduated in 2009. Dr. Phillips taught at Benedictine University at Springfield from 1993-2015 where he served as Professor of Government, Provost, Dean of the College, and Acting President. He taught in the MA and MPA programs at Western Kentucky University, the MPA program at Indiana State University, and the M.Ed., program at Drury University. His published work appears in the American Political Science Review, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Public Productivity Review, Public Voices, and in several volumes ofThe Small City and Regional Community series. His research interests include the influence of religion on the adoption of Scientific Management in the United States and the United Kingdom; managerial theory in late 19th & early 20th century Britain & the Progressive Era in the United States and the theories of Woodrow Wilson, Frank J. Goodnow, and Mary Parker Follett.

Dissertation: Phillips, J. R. (2009).Organization and democracy: Mary Parker Follett and the science of administration. Available from Dissertations & Theses @ University of Illinois at Springfield.