Gene Cossey


Undergraduate Institution and Major: Linfield College, BA in Business Management and Information Systems Design

Graduate Institution and Major: University of Illinois-Springfield, Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Bio: Gene Cossey is the Executive Director of the Tri Cities Airport Authority in Eastern Tennessee and has held positions in airport administration and operations at airports in Oregon, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, and Tennessee in a career spanning over thirty years.  Gene has been responsible for organizational development, strategic planning, business development, marketing, operations management, budgeting, information technology, human resource management, project management, and safety and security programs at both large and small airport.  During his career, he has worked for city governments, ports, counties, authorities, and the University of Illinois.  Gene is deeply involved in developing solutions for problems facing the aviation industry and is passionate about improving education and learning within all parts of the profession.

Research interest:  Gene’s interest involves in creating dynamic learning organizations within complex and highly regulated industries such as those found in the aviation field.

 Relevant experience: Thirty years of experience working with various government organizations in airport operation, airport administration, and information technology.  

Professional Affiliations:  Accredited Airport Executive with the American Association of Airport Executives, International Airport Professional with the Airports Council International