Enoch Ewoo

Hometown: Akwidaa, Ghana

Undergraduate Institution and Major: University of Ghana, Legon Accra, B.S. Administration and Accounting

Graduate Institution and Major: Monroe College of Bronx, New York, MBA, Accounting

Bio: My name is Enoch Ewoo, I am 39 years of age and I come from Akwidaa in the western region of Ghana. I received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Ghana in 2003. I also received my master’s degree in business administration at Monroe College in Bronx, New York in 2017.

I held finance and administrative positions in International not-for-profit organizations for 6 years in Ghana; these not-for-profit organizations provide products from natural resources to help reduce the reliance on manufactured goods and services, thus, conserving the environment. I also enlisted in the United States Army as a Medic, providing medical interventions to my fellow comrades where I traveled to the beautiful countries of Germany and Estonia; currently, I am working as an Accountant for Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield, Illinois.

I enjoy listening to documentaries and reading books on medieval history and the age of enlightenment; I also love swimming and spending time with family.

My areas of interest include how foreign policies affect development in the third world countries and how different forms of government help shape Africa’s development.

Professional Experience: Five years of Finance and Administrative experience in International Not-for-profit Organizations; currently working as an Accountant for Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield, Illinois

Research Interests: Public Policy and Poverty Reduction; International Policies and Economic Development in third world countries; Impact of different forms of government such as Democracy, Socialism and Mixed economy on the development of Africa

Honors and Awards: 2 Army Achievement Medal-United States Army; 1 Good Conduct Medal-United States Army

Email: ewooenoch@yahoo.com