Completed Dissertations

These are the dissertations completed  in recent years.

Sarah Mackey  2016

“Does Size Matter? Exploring the Relationship Between the Size of the Boards of Directors and Charitable Contributions at Habitat for Humanity Organizations in the United States.”

Michael Woods  2015

“Determinants of Job Satisfaction of Public Sector Engineers: An Analysis of a Midwestern State Transportation Agency.”

Betsy Goulet  2014

“A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Teacher’s Mandated Reporting Experiences.”

Christopher Bitner  2012

“Exploring the Relationship Between Work-Climate of Police Departments and Officer Performance at Work.”

Nancy Huyck  2012

“Public Safety Radio Communications: A Case Study of a Metropolitan County of Southwestern Illinois.”

Matthew Montgomery  2012

“IPM in Illinois: Understanding Low Adoption Rates.”

Kenny D. Runkle  2012

“Evaluation of the Quality of Drinking Water Sources and Obstacles to Potable Drinking Water in West Point and Suburban Monrovia, Liberia.”

Barbara Ferrara  2011

“Gender and Governor’s Policy Agendas.”