Student Handbook: First Year Review


First Year Review (Handbook Home)

After the first year of courses, there will be a meeting between each student and his/her advisor to identify strengths and weaknesses the student has shown during the first year of coursework. The advisors will produce a written evaluation of each student on a form agreed upon by Program Faculty.

There will be consultation between student advisors and DPA Program Faculty members to examine progress of all students and perform program assessment tasks. This first year assessment will provide faculty with an opportunity to assess students’ progress during the first year and provide students with feedback and direction beyond that provided by grades in individual courses.

Annual Review (Handbook Home)

Students are expected to maintain reasonable progress toward the completion of the doctoral degree.  Progress toward the degree will be evaluated annually by the student’s advisor or dissertation committee chair and then by the DPA program director.  Each year a letter will be sent to the student noting progress or lack of progress.  If there are consecutive years with no progress, the DPA Program Committee will determine whether the student will be allowed to continue in the program.

In the event a student is unable to maintain continuous progress toward the degree, the student may request a leave of absence from the program by completing a student petition requesting such a leave and submitting it to the student’s dissertation chair and the DPA director for approval.

Normally a leave of absence will be granted for up to one year.  At the end of the leave of absence, the student may apply for an extension.  If no application for extension is made, the student will be automatically dropped from the program. (Text is from dissertation information in student area.)

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