Student Handbook: Course Planning

Course Plan, Electives and Transfer Credit (Handbook Home)

In conversation with their advisors, students need to develop a course plan during the first semester of their program. Click here for the course planning document. After completion of the course document send it to the program director who will submit it to the program faculty for review.

As you progress through your classes there will be changes to your program plan. You will be asked to update the plan each year. If the updates are relatively minor, the program director will approve them. If there is a major change in direction, then the program faculty will approve the changes as well.

Transfer Courses

Requests for transfer credits are submitted through the student advisor and come to the program director and then to the program committee for their review.  Transfer credits are only possible for elective requirements.  Standards for approval will center on whether or not courses meet the standards of the program.


A degree plan will be developed by the student and his/her advisor during the first semester of classes.  As well as talking with advisors, students can look at the course offerings of the participating departments. These include public administration and public health. For other departments, see their sites.