Student Handbook: Advising

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Strong mentoring and clear communication between students, their advisors and the program committee is essential to the character of the program.  If a student wishes to specialize in a particular policy field for which courses are offered in a specific college department, the representatives of that department will be asked before that student is admitted to commit to mentoring that student in her/his policy specialty.

A doctoral program faculty advisor will be assigned at the time a student is admitted to the DPA program. The advisor will assist the student in creating a formal plan of study. The student’s advisor must also approve all electives and the appropriate quantitative methods course a student will take.  The advisor will provide a formative evaluation in writing of the student’s progress during the first year of coursework and will assist in the preparation and grading of the student’s qualifying exams at the end of the core courses.  The student may choose to switch advisors if their focus changes or for other reasons.  A new advisor must be secured before switching advisors.  To confirm a change, students should send an e-mail to the DPA program director (copying the new advisor) with the name of the new student’s advisor.

Each semester pre-candidacy students and their advisor need to consult before course registration begins. The purpose of this conversation is to assure that there is no confusion about course requirements and that the registration is consistent with the student’s course plan. After consulting with his/her advisee the advisor should send an email to the program director asking that the registration hold be lifted so that the student may register. The email should include a list of classes to be taken by the student that semester.