Class Enrollment Stage

Taking Classes

Register as early as you can. Classes fill up. See the Student Handbook for information on course plans, transfer courses and more on electives. You also might find UIS Catalog useful in deciding which courses will help further your area of interest.

Course Requirements

The core courses listed below are offered in a cohort model. They are offered in order, one each semester, until complete. The next odd-numbered year a new cohort is admitted and the cycle repeats.

Core Courses (24 hours) (Course Descriptions)

DPA 651 Conduct of Inquiry & Theoretical Foundations of the Field
DPA 652 Public Management
DPA 653 Public Policy
DPA 654 Research Design
DPA 655 Qualitative Research Methods
DPA 656 Quantitative Research Methods

Electives (16 hours)

Sixteen hours of elective coursework are chosen from a menu of 500-level courses in public management or public policy approved by the doctoral program faculty.

Each student must complete at least 40 hours of course work, plus a minimum of 12 hours dissertation credit. Students may petition for up to 12 hours of transfer credit for post-master’s graduate work deemed appropriate for the DPA. All students are required to complete all courses with a grade of B or better in each course.

Please note that the university has a higher academic standard for doctoral level students. A class with a grade of  “B-”  or below will not count toward a DPA degree.