Dissertation Stage

Dissertation Work (a minimum of 12 hours)

Upon successful completion of the dissertation proposal defense, the student is admitted to candidacy.  The dissertation proposal defense is allowed no sooner than concurrently with last elective.  The university considers this the “closure” event and the student must be continually enrolled from this point forward.  Generally this is accomplished by enrolling in dissertation hours and may officially begin working on a dissertation proposal within the following guidelines: 

  • Each student’s advisor will assist with selection of the dissertation committee from among the graduate faculty of the university,
  • A written dissertation proposal must be formally approved by the student’s dissertation committee before dissertation work proceeds,
  • Students must complete 12 hours of dissertation credit (PAD 690), and
  • An oral examination on the dissertation will be conducted by the dissertation committee. The dissertation advisor will chair the oral dissertation defense which will be open to the campus community.

Students should note that university policy requires that a student who has been admitted to candidacy be continuously enrolled in at least one semester hour of dissertation coursework each fall and spring until the dissertation is completed, defended, and accepted.

See the Student Handbook Section on Dissertations for more detailed information.