Course Descriptions


PAD 651 – Conduct of Inquiry & Theoretical Foundations of the Field (4 credits)
Students will learn selected major paradigms in public affairs research particularly in the subfields of public policy and public management. Students will be introduced to the standards of scholarly discourse at the doctoral level. Coursework will assist students in bridging the worlds of practice and academic research. (Restricted to doctoral students)

PAD 652 – Public Management Seminar (4 credits)
Students will learn the major subfields in public management and guide them in developing an understanding of the connection between practitioner experience and scholarly inquiry.  The instructor will draw connections between the paradigms covered in PAD 651 and the major directions in public management research. (Prerequisite PAD 651)

PAD 653 – Public Policy Seminar (4 credits)
Students will learn the stages of the policy process, public policy paradigms, current research directions, and major subfields. Emphasis is placed on developing appreciation for the connection between practitioner experience and scholarly inquiry. (Prerequisite PAD 651)

PAD 654 – Research Design (4 credits)
Students will learn the essential elements of research design.  Students will learn how to structure research projects using the scientific method for both academic and practical investigation. The course will cover qualitative, quantitative, evaluation, experimental, and quasi-experimental research approaches. (Prerequisite PAD 651)

PAD 655 – Qualitative Research Methods (4 credits)
Students will work under faculty direction on the design of a research project allowing them to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their first four core courses. The instructor will guide the students to select a research question of interest to both the management and policy fields that can be pursued by the students acting as a research team. (Prerequisite PAD 654)

PAD 656 – Quantitative Research Methods (4 credits)

Introduces students to doctoral level quantitative analysis. Students will learn several common analysis and estimation techniques, quantitative inference, and how to critically read original quantitative research. (Prerequisite PAD 655)