J. Travis Bland

Travis Bland

Hometown: Christiansburg, Virginia

Degrees: Ph.D., Public Administration/Public Affairs, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

MPA, Virginia Tech

B.S. Political Science, Radford University

Bio: Travis Bland is the Associate Dean for the College of Public Affairs and Administration. He is also serving as the Director of the Doctor of Public Administration Program.

Dr. Bland received his Ph.D. from the Center for Public Administration and Policy at Virginia Tech. Prior to coming to UIS, he worked with local and state social services departments, planning commissions, state and local government agencies and officials, non-profit agencies, and private industries to help coordinate and implement a welfare-to-work program and explore the feasibility of developing a regional water authority in Virginia’s New River Valley.

He is pursuing research interests in several key areas: the network approach to governance, front-line behavior, social welfare, and the normative and ethical foundations of our Constitutional Democratic Republic. He is a contributing author to Community Action Leaders: Rooting out Poverty at the Local Level (New York: Routledge). His research has been published in Public Organization Review, the Journal of Public and Nonprofit AffairsPublic Administration Quarterly, The Innovation Journal, and the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance.

In addition to his teaching and research interests, he serves as a volunteer with the James Project, the Matthew Project, and West Side Christian Church.

Courses Taught: PAD 652. Public Management Seminar, PAD 502. Organizational Dynamics, PAD 505. Public Sector Human Resource Management, PAD 538. Public Service Ethics and Leadership, PAD 552. Strategic Planning and Management, PAD 541. Nonprofit Sector Human Resource Management

Recent Publications:

Manuel Roman-Basora & Bland, J.T. (2021) Separate and unequal: A sample of disparities in five American unincorporated territories, Public Integrity, DOI: 10.1080/10999922.2020.1859241

Williams, A. M. & Bland, J.T. (2020). Drivers of social engagement: Investigating the employee voice-advice sharing relationship. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 40(4). 669-690. Available here.

Bland, J. Travis and Williams, A. M. (2018). Collaborative ties within: Public organizations and the latent capacity for advice network formation. Public Organization Review. Available here.

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