About the DPA Program


The mission of the Doctor of Public Administration Program is to advance the education of experienced practitioners interested in improving their understanding of public management and public policy.  These individuals can make a significant contribution bridging the worlds of practice and scholarship by developing a capacity to bring experience from the practitioner community to the scholarly community and translate the contributions of the scholarly community back to the world of the practitioners.

An Interdisciplinary Public Service Degree

Multiple departments work together in offering this interdisciplinary public service doctoral program. These programs include:

Program Learning Objectives

Students who complete the new DPA Program should be able to:

  • Evaluate and integrate the theoretical literature from a range of public affairs disciplines as they apply to issues commonly addressed in public administration and related public affairs disciplines,
  • Apply the theoretical literature appropriately to address real world problems in public management and public policy,
  • Identify and describe the core subject matter content of the student’s area of concentration in either public management or public policy,
  • Assess and critique the analytic techniques and conclusions of scholarly articles and practitioner communications, and
  • Prepare and produce high quality independent research and analysis of real world phenomena in the governmental and/or the nonprofit sector that will contribute to the body of knowledge about public management and public policy.