Students Corner

Listed below is a directory of the hot spots of interest for students in the Springfield and surrounding area.



I’m a sophomore and from Stillman Valley IL and  I am a Social Work Major.  For me the Diversity Center is a laid back place where I can study, especially at night time. It’s a plus that there is free printing there as well and I’m glad that we can receive that privilege. I also come say hello to Dr. Ford. She is a real cool and nice teacher and mentor who always keeps it real and she stays stylish.  –  Jamie Anderson



Dominique Wilson


The Diversity Center is a unique location to find on the U of I Springfield campus. I can truly say the staff and organizations care about the needs of each student. The Diversity Center is a place of comfort and tool full of resources. – Dominique Wilson




The diversity center helps me by providing a safe place for everyone on campus, regardless of who they are. It allows someone to be his- or herself and not have to worry about being harassed for it. It is a great haven for anybody looking to get away from people for a while. – John Stewart
John Stewart


The diversity center is very important to me because it is a place where I can study and feel comfortable. There are many resources available and the free printing is awesome. – Alberto




Jeremy Nelson

“The Diversity Center has been a real asset to UIS. It provides a safe, healthy environment for any student, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, to come and be heard. College is a time where students can come to mold identities, and I believe that the Diversity Center plays a big role in helping students find their voice. What makes the UIS Diversity Center great is their mission to reach students, not the other way around. Unlike some other schools, they make sure that students know that their door is always open through various programs and events.” …………….. Jeremy Nelson

Luch GallindoThe Diversity Center on campus has helped me get more involved with the school. It’s an office in which I can walk into and get help from anyone in there with anything I need. Dr. Ford is always great help and is always open for new ideas and advice. The center is great with letting students know that they are there to help anyone no matter what cultural background they come from. The offices in the center are always useful as well including the LGBTQ office. It is a great place to go to and it s well known because of its participation in different events throughout the year.

………Lucy Gallindo