Justin Rose


Justin was one of the founders of the Black Male Collegiate Society, an organization that promotes leadership on campus and connects to the community through a strong public service commitment. He was a student mentor for the Necessary Steps Program for first generation students, and a mentor for the Big Brother Big Sister of Illinois – Capital Region. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication from UIS in 2012 and a master’s degree in Public Administration from UIS in 2014.

He can be contacted at jrose22@uis.edu

Ashley D. Harris


Ashley D. Harris is the Coordinator of the Sophomore year Experience Necessary Steps Program. She is a second year graduate student in the MPA program. She is also a first generation student, and because of this she is driven to do the work at her most optimal level and break through into foreign territory.

She can be contacted at aharris3@uis.edu

Claude Henry

Claude Henry is a undergraduate student at UIS in the Visual Arts program. He is also a first generation student and is currently fulfilling the promise that he made to his parents to receive his diploma and graduate from UIS. He is also a former mentee of the Necessary Steps program and is involved with the Black Male Collegiate Society (BMCS).