Individual & Small Group Counseling

Prospective and current students who are uncertain of their direction in life, academic and personal,†may request counseling through this office.

“The Common Bond” E-zine

We publish a bi-monthly campus newsmagazine. “The Common Bond” informs students of issues that directly affect them and keeps them abreast of campus and community activities. Also, it is a forum for students to publish their opinions, art, and literature.

Career, Internship and Scholarship Postings

Often personnel officers and universities send notices of job and scholarship opportunities to vour office and, as a service, we make these available to our students.

Special Events, Issues Forums and Programs

Kwanzaa Celebration, Cultural Fest, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, and Unity March OMSA, in conjunction with the UIS minority student groups (A.A.S.O., SANKOFA & O.L.A.S. ), have co-sponsored several events celebrating the richness of our diverse cultures.

The office co-sponsors several programs each semester dealing with diversity issues. These forums may include films, speakers, panels, entertainment and brown bag luncheons.

Workshops and Seminars

We provide several pertinent and valuable workshops throughout the semester designed to increase retention and encourage graduation. We sponsor an annual Minority Career Options Seminar that help students explore professional opportunities.

Funding for Special Interest Conferences

We actively seek funding to provide students with the opportunity to travel to various workshops and conferences dealing with minority students’ needs and concerns. Students have attended the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Conference and the Hispanic Leadership Conference.

Information Clearinghouse

We serve as clearinghouse for information from students organizations, the University and the Springfield Community.† We co-sponsor several events and activities, both internally and externally; serve on various committees and organizational boards, and subscribe to many trade journals.† If we can not help you we can certainly put you in touch with someone who can.

Open Door Policy

We always maintain an “open-door” policy; while appointments are encouraged we also welcome walk-ins. Our office treats every day as an “Open House.” We work as a unit to ensure that all students feel equally welcome and supported in our office.