S.I.S.T.A. Sisters Informing Sisters About Topics on Aids (S.I.S.T.A.)

This program is currently on pause.

S.I.S.T.A. is a peer-led, skill-building intervention project to prevent HIV infection in African American women. The overall goal is to reduce sexual risk behavior by heterosexually-active African American women at highest risk for HIV.  S.I.S.T.A. is packaged by CDC’s Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions project.  The intervention project is delivered in 5 sessions and includes discussions of self-esteem, relationships, and sexual health. Each of the sessions has a specific goal and objectives. It is important to conduct all 5 sessions. Depending upon the clients, the sessions may last 2 hours or longer.

Session 1: Ethnic/Gender Pride

Goal: Generate a discussion about being African American and female, having pride in oneself, and valuing oneself.

Session 2: HIV/AIDS Education

Goal: Provide factual and statistical information on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, correct misconceptions about HIV/AIDS, and discuss the importance of protecting oneself

Session 3: Assertiveness Skills Training

Goal: Teach women how to differentiate between assertive, aggressive, and nonassertive behaviors, and teach skills for initiating assertive qualities.

Session 4: Behavioral Self-Management

Goal: Decrease clients’ anxiety about condom use, demonstrate and role-play how to use condoms, and discuss reasons that women do not insist on using condoms.

Session 5: Coping Skills

Goal: Initiate discussion about coping with life experiences, including the link between alcohol and AIDS, coping with alcohol and sex, and coping with negative responses. This session also serves as a review of the previous sessions.

Booster Sessions

The booster (refresher) sessions are offered after the project is completed. Each session lasts 2 hours. These booster sessions provide an opportunity for clients to ask more questions and provide peer support. Although 2 booster sessions are recommended, they are not required.

For Further Information contact: 206-6333